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Tech Update


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20/11/17 8am MINDA 

The November AE run was updated to MINDA on 18th November. All traits were updated except fertility and body condition score (BCS) breeding values. NZAEL recently identified a few individual sires with unexplained large shifts in their fertility BVs so needed to initiate a series of new fertility runs to identify the issue before updating the BV. BCS was automatically excluded from MINDA as it links to fertility in the LIC system.

NZAEL will publish the updated fertility BVs on their website once this is resolved. Updated BCS BVs are available from DairyNZ/NZAEL now.

As an outage in MINDA would need to take place to update these BVs, we will not be updating fertility and BCS in MINDA until the next AE run on 16th December. 

If you need to get updated fertility BVs before the next AE run, refer to the DairyNZ website where updated results will be published as soon as possible. 


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