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Synchronise MINDA software

Synchronising your MINDA software manages the transfer of events you have recorded to the National Database.

It also:

  • downloads your latest herd details for the current season
  • ensures your groups and reports are updated with the latest information
  • ensures your apps and MINDA on the web account are updated with your latest herd information.

During synchronisation, the system also checks for updates to your software and any changes that might have been made by LIC to your records. If you need a history of events that were sent through to the national database , you can find these in the diary at the bottom of your screen. 


Step Action
1 Press the synchronise button (found at the top bar of the MINDA software)
Result: A window will appear advising the synchronise has started.
2 Click OK
3 Wait for the synchronise to take place.  You can tell it is working if the green box in the bottom right hand corner of your MINDA software is moving up and down. Synchronise arrow
4 When your synchronise is complete, you will be asked if you want to load the new herd data now or later.
Data Load

Finish Now - Click Now. This will complete your synchronise and load the new herd data on to your software.

Finish Later - Click ‘Later’. You can select the Load New Herd Data icon Load New Herd Data in the top row of your MINDA software to complete the synchronise process.


Where to Next

The procedure is complete. If you experience any problems during the synchronise process you can Troubleshoot Synchronisation problems or call 0800 2 MINDA.

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