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Welcome to a new area of the LIC website, designed just for students and schools. The dairy industry is very important to New Zealand, and rural communities. To give you an insight as to:


Learn about Artificial Breeding

This country's dairy industry is one of its biggest export earners. Profit in dairying is made from producing and selling milk from dairy cows. Before a cow can produce milk she must first get pregnant and give birth.

This site is about how New Zealand's 13,000 farmers get their 3.5 million cows in calf each year so they calve over a 10 week period.

Learn about:

  • The history of Artificial Breeding in New Zealand
  • Selecting the best bulls
  • Semen Collection
  • Artificial Breeding Technicians


Calf Clubs

Each year, in rural schools around New Zealand, a day is held with one purpose - to encourage children to take an active interest in the welfare and presentation of an animal of their choice for a community day at their school.

To celebrate Calf Clubs, we have launched a new website,, where you can:

  • Learn about how to feed and train your calf for the big day.
  • Download a free diary, which you can use to track your calf's progress.
  • Schools and kids can post the details of their Calf Club day on our calendar.

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