LIC | Splitting a MINDA LIVE Group

Splitting a MINDA LIVE Group

Use if you are wanting to split a group or animals evenly in your herd by a certain attribute e.g. BW

You will need

  • MINDA LIVE login details


Step Action
1 Login to MINDA LIVE at
2 Choose the group of animals you wish to split from your existing MINDA LIVE Groups

Click on the Actions tab next your chosen group and then the Split option
Split Group

4 Type a name for the Master group and click Next
Name Group
5 Select the number of groups you wish to create from your master group.
6 Select the attribute you wish to split the animals on.
7 Click Next

Define how you want the groups split. The default is a 50/50 split.

Result: A list of animals and the group they have been split into will display.

9 Select Add an attribute to see more information if required.
10 Click on the 3 lines next to the Group attribute to filter on the split groups
11 Select the group to filter.
12 Click Save Group when you have added all the attributes or filters required.
Save Group


Where to Next

When you go back into your groups list you will see your master group and the split groups as pick your own groups.
Groups List

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