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Sire Proving Scheme (SPS)

The LIC Sire Proving Scheme (SPS) has played an integral part in evaluating potential sires since 1961. 

Feedback is provided on each bull’s progeny from birth through to the time the female offspring enter the herd as two-year olds. LIC’s Sire Proving Scheme was the first of its nature in the world, and it continues to be one of the largest with almost 10,000 bulls having entered the scheme.


Join Team SPS

Join Team SPS and be part of LIC’s Sire Proving Scheme - a team of top farmers that are helping shape the dairy industry of tomorrow. As part of the Sire Proving Scheme you will be an integral part of evaluating potential sires by providing feedback on each bull’s progeny from birth through to the time the female offspring enter the herd as two-year olds. Your feedback will help assess the bulls across various production, health and fitness traits, so we can provide top sires to help drive prosperity for New Zealand dairy farmers.


Why Join Team SPS?

As part of Team SPS you will have access to the genetics of tomorrow before anyone else. Additionally, you will also receive:

  • Premium genetics and technician service at a reduced cost
  • Bonus payment for every SPS heifer reared through to an in-milk two year old
  • Free DNA sire verification of your SPS heifers
  • Additional herd data: live weight,
  • TOP and body condition data 

Team SPS members are spread across New Zealand and run a variety of management systems, but the one thing they have in common is their passion for their herd and their farming business.

To join the team you’ll need to commit to:

  • 90% of your herd mated to SPS sires
  • 18% replacements reared through into the herd
  • 4 herd tests per year
  • Twice a day milking for at least the first two herd tests each season
  • Herd size of 200+ cows
  • Spring calving

The Sire Proving Scheme is suited to those with stable herds who can commit for a minimum 4 year period. An interest in breeding is essential, as are good organisational and record keeping skills. The data you collect gives each bull a ‘daughter proof’. Bulls with the best proofs are then be marketed for use throughout the wider dairy industry. The ‘daughter proof’ also helps to validate and refine the accuracy of LIC’s genomic data that is used to breed and select bull calves coming into the scheme year on year. 

Information collected as part of the Sire Proving Scheme includes:

  • Insemination - non return rates
  • Calving - calf defects, calving assistance
  • Rearing - health issues, traits, general performance
  • Milking - herd test information, live weight data, traits other than production (TOP)


What's involved?

Contact us to join Team SPS and find out how you can help shape the dairy industry of tomorrow.

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