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Herd Testing Services

EZ Link Herd Test Sample

Classic Test

For the Classic Test, Herd Test milk samples are collected at the PM and AM milkings (in that order). 

Single Test

Herd Test milk samples are taken at one milking only – either the AM milking or the PM milking. 

Herd Test Assist Technicians

We have trained people to help you with your herd test. Our Herd Test Assist Technicians will be present during the milking to help with the sampling, and washing the equipment afterwards. 

EZ Link

EZ Link is designed to make Herd Testing easier. It’s a barcode scanner that takes away the need to hand-write a cow’s tag number on the side of a herd testing flask. With EZ Link, the flask is identified by a barcode. Simply enter the cow number into the EZ Link handheld device (instead of writing the number on the side of the flask) and scan that cow’s flask. This flask can then be placed anywhere in a standard tray, without having to use a numbered tray card. It will also identify duplicates during milking so they can be resolved quickly. 


All herd testing clients receive a Herd Test Results Lab Strip within a few days of the herd test. This is a raw data report without any indices or 24-hour calculations. A MINDA Herd Test Report will follow this with a comprehensive analysis of the herd’s performance. 

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