LIC | Sending samples to GeneMark

Sending samples to GeneMark

GeneMark Punch tissue samples should be frozen as soon as possible after taking and kept frozen until posting to GeneMark. You can send tissue samples by standard post and samples do not need to be kept chilled in transit.

Blood samples must be bubble-wrapped and couriered to GeneMark in a chilled protective container. Blood samples cannot be sent in standard post.

Make sure you include your completed and signed Sample Submission form with your samples. 

You will receive a letter of confirmation from the lab, that your samples have been received.

Upon completion of testing you will receive a copy of the results and they will be automatically updated onto the LIC National Database.

Tracking your GeneMark samples

This is only available for GeneMark Whole Herd Clients

  1. Login to Member Services from 
  2. Enter your participant code and pin to access
    Member Services
  3. Select My GeneMark Submissions from the menu to view which stage your tissue sample submissions are at.


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