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Research & Development

Innovative thinking to deliver profitable solutions to New Zealand farmers

LIC’s future success and sustainability requires products and services that are developed with a rigorous, science-based focus and have quantifiable benefits for our customers.

The Research and Development Group deliver these technologies and systems for LIC, and works with the wider LIC business to support the development and deployment of strategy and business priorities.

Led by chief scientist Dr Richard Spelman, the group work on a range of projects and is made up of four key areas:

  • Genomics
  • Analytics 
  • Reproduction Research
  • Rapid prototyping of software solutions

LIC's scientists are extensively published in the application of genetics, genomics and reproductive technologies and in developing and delivering these tools and technologies, the team have built a number of key strategic partnerships to maximise value to our customers.

The group supports future scientific capability development through its tertiary scholarship programme for students working in related agricultural disciplines.

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