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Getting cows in calf quickly is important for driving profitability on farm, but it can be a real challenge. 6-week in-calf rate and empty rate are the dairy industry measures of herd reproductive performance.  Maximising 6 week in-calf rate drives a compact calving and more choice, allowing farmers to achieve:

  • Better quality cows in the herd 
  • More calves on the ground
  • More milk in the vat 
  • More money in the bank

The LIC Reproduction Solutions Team

LIC’s Reproduction Solutions Team (the ‘repro’ team) exists to help LIC’s farmer customers improve their herd’s reproductive performance and to lift New Zealand’s national 6-week in-calf rate. 

Our team works with farmers and their rural advisor networks to:

  • Raise awareness of dairy herd reproduction principles
  • Focus on the areas of biggest impact in dairy herds 
  • Develop tools and software to assist with herd information analysis, planners and resources for best practice reproduction practices
  • Benchmark and report industry reproductive performance trends
  • Assist farmers to access information through our 6 Week Challenge website, the LIC website and at seminars and industry events. 

We work with farmers' advisors, assisting them with information and interpretation of reports on MINDA™, so they can assists farmers to make good decisions on farm.



Farmers that have engaged with the 6 Week Challenge and the Repro Team are focused on their herd fertility and have achieved higher levels of reproductive performance compared to farmers who have not.

Estimated 6 Week In-Calf rate

6 Week Challenge & Online Resources

Ahead of the Herd

The 6 Week Challenge website is designed to help farmers lift their 6 week in-calf rate. We have developed a number of tools to help farmers to identify problem areas on-farm. Then they can focus on the most important areas to capture improved herd reproduction.

On the 6 week Challenge website, you will find information, resources and online downloadable tools. It is also the place to find out about the latest science, ask your questions and read what our Challenge farmers are up to on their blogs.

Register for the 6 Week Challenge and you will receive:

  • Timely e-mails with season-specific tips
  • Planning worksheets and an information booklet available to download electronically
  • Access to the members zone resources, such as the Annual Planner
  • The Challenge Zone analysis pathway which helps you use your herd reports to identify the best areas to focus on 

Head to the 6 Week Challenge website to see for yourself!



Learn LIC

Learn LIC also provides some interactive modules based on key reports. This can help you interpret your data into more usable information. Login to Learn LIC using your MINDA™ log in details. 

Current modules:

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