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Tag Regulations (From 1 July 2012)

    Primary Tag  Secondary Tag
Animals going to slaughter  Not required

 One of the options below is recommended for all dairy replacements


Bobby calves (animals less than 30 days old and going direct to slaughter) are exempt from the NAIT scheme

Stock remaining on farm will have a three year grace period to be tagged with NAIT approved EID tags. However, all calves born from 1 July 2012 will need to be tagged within 180 days of birth or prior to the first off farm movement, whichever occurs first.

For more information on the regulations, please call NAIT on 0800 624 843.


Herd Audit

A herd is one of a farmer's most important assets - but what is it without accurate records?

Completing a herd audit will ensure that what is physically on farm (animals and their tag numbers) matches the information in your MINDA records.

Herd Audit Guide PDF File (295 kb)›

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