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Recording Events - MINDApro

MINDA software products are designed to give our clients an electronic alternative to sending in paper forms to update herd records. There are many features in the software to help users quickly and accurately record animal and health events for their herds.

A great way to start recording is by using the Animal Task List. The Animal Task List offers a Wizard for each type of event, that guides users through the recording process step-by-step. The Wizard prompts the user for the relevant information that the software needs to know to complete the event.

To make the most of the Animal Task Wizards, you can drag and drop animals directly onto the task that you want to perform. 

MINDApro displays details of animal and health events the user has recorded. Users of the software can review the events and edit them if necessary before they "Synchronise Records" to send them to LIC.

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