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Herd testing

Herd Testing provides a window to the production of each animal in your herd. Get the information you need to make better, more profitable decisions.

Automation and Sensor Technology

LIC Automation specialise in integrated and innovative in-shed farm automation and sensor technology systems.

Animal Health diagnostics

Your herd is one of your biggest assets - protect and grow that investment with a range of tests available from LIC Diagnostics.

DNA parentage verification 

Take the ‘guess-work’ out of matching calves to their dam and sire. GeneMark DNA analysis offers farmers, breed societies and other AB companies the most accurate way of recording an animal's ancestry.

Artificial Breeding

Premier Sires has been delivering steady rates of genetic gain to NZ farmers since the team concept in artificial breeding first began

With Alpha Nominated you can select from the best individual bulls to achieve the best results for your farm and your breeding objectives.

Herd Reproduction

A package of practical reproductive resources to help farmers apply a year-round approach to their herd’s fertility and get more cows in-calf quicker at mating time.

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Utilising animal-event information, together with herd testing and artificial breeding data, MINDA provides an array of management reporting or analytics, designed to help the farmer make better decisions – particularly when it comes to herd improvement.

Customer Training

Helping farmers finetune their MINDA™ knowledge and skills – so the whole team can get the most out of the software throughout the season.

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