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Performance Tracking

You value progress and one of the benefits of Herd Testing is the ability to use the Herd Test results to track and monitor progress.

Performance of herd

Herd performance can be measured from test to test and from season to season using average milk solids, Production Worth and Breeding Worth.

Performance of individual animals

You are not interested in only seeing the ‘good news’ in terms of gains on your progress, but also the performance rankings related to your worst performing stock as these are the animals that are of concern in maintaining profitability and development goals. 

Your own progress

You want to know the extent to which your management strategies have paid off in terms of how you choose to mate, feed, cull and treat your herd. 

Staff management

In addition to the other benefits mentioned earlier, Herd Testing information can also be used as a staff management measure. Key performance indicators can be put in place around individual or bulk somatic cell counts and staff assessed on achieving those targets. Drying off decisions and culling decisions can also be monitored and staff trained with the help of this information.

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