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Organic Dairy Farming

BiogroLIC is a certified, approved supplier to organic systems. This makes it easier than ever to breed organic dairy cows.

Organic input certification provides reassurance that our semen products meet required international standards. For example, you can be sure no genetic engineering (GE) has gone in to the development of our product, and that all LIC processes and practices are environmentally sustainable.

Organic dairy farmers now have access to LIC’s extensive range of elite sires, without having to apply for dispensation.

The certification is restricted to all semen collected and processed at LIC. Further information available in the Alpha Catalogue

Excluded: Milking Shorthorn, Guernsey, Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Sexed Semen, and most beef breeds. 

Included: Beef Pak Hereford and Short Gestation Hereford.

For more details, contact your LIC Farm Solutions Manager.

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