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Once-a-day Milking (OAD) is the practice of milking cows once during a 24 hour period. Most NZ Dairy farmers milk twice-a-day (TAD), although the numbers milking OAD is increasing. The OAD milking regime may be used exclusively as the overall farming system, or strategically for part of the herd or for shorter periods during the season.


LIC’s Once-a-Day Milking Selection Index (OADSI) 

LIC has developed a OADSI index to help OAD farmers breed animals most suitable to their system. In June 2015, the index was overhauled after considerable consultation with the OAD community. The new index has a strong correlation to Breeding Worth (BW) but also combines four functional traits that farmers told us dictated the survival of a cow in a OAD herd:

  • Udder Support
  • Front teat placement
  • Milking Speed
  • Capacity

The index also has less emphasis on Fertility and Residual Survival because these traits are less of an issue to OAD farmers. Our goal is to support OAD farmers in breeding cows that persist throughout the lactation and have longevity in the herd. 


LIC’s Once a Day Selection Index (OADSI) Weightings

Breeding Value (BV) BW 2016 Weightings OADSI Weightings
Protein 27% 29%
Milkfat 10% 11%
Milk Volume 11% 14%
Liveweight 11% 12%
Fertility 15% 5%
Somatic Cell Count (SCC) 6% 6%
Body Condition Score (BCS) 7% 2%
Residual Survival 13% 0%
Milking Speed - 5%
Capacity - 4%
Udder Support - 10%
Front Teats - 2%
  100% 100%



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