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On Calf Club day

Your calf will need to be transported to the grounds where Calf Club is being held - this is usually in a calf trailer pulled behind Mum or Dad's car. The trailers usually have a cover at the front so the calf is sheltered from wind on the drive to Calf Club.

Have all your equipment clean and ready for when Mum or Dad are ready to load your calf into the trailer.

You will need:

  • A bucket with washing equipment so you can spot-clean any dirty marks off your calf once you reach the grounds.
  • Your grooming brush and a soft cloth for ‘polishing’ around nose, eyes and general coat before you go into the ring.
  • Your clean halter and lead rope.
  • Seperate water bucket so your calf can have a drink during the day – and remember to take some water in a container in case there isn’t a tap at the grounds.
  • Some meal and a feeding container, so you can give your calf some reward after a good effort.

Remember, you are on display as well as your calf, so be sure you are also dressed neat and tidy and enjoy yourself because the judges will be looking for signs that you are comfortable with, and care for, your calf.

You’re on your way - well done. If you’ve followed all the tips in this website you and your calf are ready for a wonderful day!

Good luck!!

After Calf Club

Well done. You can be very proud that you took on a big task, and completed it. You've fed and trained a calf over a long period of time; you've learned a lot about yourself and self-discipline (making yourself go out to feed and tend to your calf when you'd rather not), and you've got a lot of satisfaction from forging a bond and friendship with an animal which relied on you.

Remember to take care to put your calf back into its paddock for a good sleep and put all your gear away, and don't forget to say thanks to Mum and Dad for their support and help - and to the farmer who made it all possible.

Group Day and A&P Shows

Depending on how well your calf did at Calf Club, you’ll be talking to Mum and Dad about whether it should be entered in Group Day or the local A & P Show. If it is going to be in more events, you will leave its cover on and keep its training going so it’s ready for new challenges.

If your calf's showing days are over, however, and it's bound for a dairy or rearing future, you can begin to decide when to take its cover off. Make sure the weather is warm before you do this, as the calf will notice the ‘lack of warmth’ on cool nights if you suddenly take the cover off.

And remember, while the calf goes back to being a member of a mob of calves, it will still remember you – many farmers can point out the Calf Club calves in their herds today because they are often the quietest and friendliest in the herd. And that’s a nice thought, knowing you have trained such an animal.

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