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Neil Smith

Neil Smith

  • Bachelor in Agricultural Science (Massey University).
  • Lifetime extensive experience in dairy farming.
  • Rural banker for three years.
  • Full-time Farm Consultant for 24 years.

"There’s no where like Northland.

I’ve been based here, personally and professionally, for more than 25 years.

During that time I’ve amassed extensive knowledge of farming practices, including climate and soil type variations that are unique to Northland.

I enjoy the diversity and challenges associated with Northland’s amalgamation of people, livestock and farming.

As your FarmWise Consultant I want you to enjoy a successful, profitable and sustainable farming business.

Whatever your farm management system, I can help you achieve the satisfaction to be gained from your business, farming and family goals.

I want to add new dimensions of enjoyment to farming and want to help you increase the profit you make from each hectare and each animal.

Add new levels of success to your farming operation: Together we can identify areas where improvements can be made to deliver new levels of efficiency, pleasure, and profit."

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