LIC is making NAIT compliance easier

Choose LIC as your NAIT information provider and we will send animal information from your MINDA records to NAIT so you don’t have to.

Dairy animals with records attract a premium price & NAIT regulations require all animal records to travel with them when they are sold or bought. This does not always happen. Following up missing records is costly and a source of frustration for buyers and sellers. 

NAIT Ready Guide

Why use NAIT?

Anyone in charge of cattle or deer must comply with the NAIT Act (National Animal Identification and Tracing Act). If you aren’t fulfilling your NAIT obligations you could be fined or prosecuted by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). NAIT requires that you:

  • Tag all animals moving off farm with a NAIT approved EID tag 
  • Register with NAIT to get a NAIT number 
  • Register your animals and record all off-farm animal movements with NAIT - either direct or through LIC and MINDA.

Before you start:

  • You need to be a MINDA software customer to use LIC as your NAIT Information Provider.
  • You will also need to have your NAIT number handy - if you don't have one, get one from the NAIT website.


My NAIT number has changed

If your NAIT has changed because you have moved location, or have someone new running the farm, then you need to provide us with your new NAIT number and information by completing the opt-in form again. You can specify a date for the new NAIT information to take effect.


Selling stock

  1. Complete MINDA – “Animal Remove from herd” function which creates an electronic transfer to the new owners.
  2. Order Animal Location Certificates (also known as Transfer Cards) 
  3. Call the LIC Customer Experience Centre for help – 0800 264 632


Buying stock

  1. Complete MINDA Animal - “Incoming Animals “ by accepting the animals using the stock truck function. This creates an electronic transfer to your herd.
  2. Complete an Animal Location Certificate (also known as Transfer Cards) and send that to LIC for processing.
  3. Call the LIC Customer Experience Centre for help – 0800 264 632

Tip: If you are purchasing stock, insist on timely and accurate record transfer or make it a condition of the sale and purchase. Stock agents can help by reminding buyers and sellers of the need to correctly identify animals whose ownership is changing and record the change of location. 


Permission from Grazier to process NAIT events at their location

If you are send animals to a grazier via the “Within Herd Movement” in MINDApro and will be recording NAIT events against animals, such as Calvings, Movements or Deaths, while they are at the graziers NAIT location, we need to have permission from the grazier to process these NAIT events at their location.

After you have had your grazier fill in the Agreement to Act on behalf of form we will let NAIT know we have the permission as you can process NAIT events as normal for these animals.

If you are sending animals to the grazier where this form hasn’t been filled out and a NAIT event happens, NAIT have advised us we cannot process these events.


NAIT Royalty/Levy

A NAIT royalty/levy of $0.90 +GST is now be payable on the sale of all EID tags. This levy is NAIT imposed, but as a tag administrator LIC is required to collect it on their behalf. This extra charge will be automatically calculated for each order and appear on LIC invoices as a separate item.


If you need help getting your animals tagged or herd records sorted, LIC has the solution

Our Field Assists can help you with tagging animals, allocating EIDs, resolving MINDA queries, straightening up cow numbers, and auditing herd records. Field Assists can help you get your records in order so that NAIT compliance is a breeze.



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