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Animal Health - Milk Pregnancy Testing

Milk Pregnancy Testing - a hassle-free option for pregnancy diagnosis.

Milk Pregnancy Testing (MPT) uses a herd test milk sample to detect pregnancy associated glycoproteins that are produced by the placenta. It accurately detects pregnancy 28 days after mating and has been validated for use up to 130 days after the final mating. The Milk Pregnancy Test has been validated for herd test samples against veterinary pregnancy diagnosis. 


  • Uncomplicated
  • Convenient
  • Non invasive
  • Reporting via email
  • Great accuracy from 28 days after mating


The results report will be emailed directly to the farmer. The turnaround time for results is approximately 7 working days from when the herd test lab strip is released.

The report will list 3 possible outcomes:

  • Pregnant
  • No pregnancy detected
  • Re-check - animals in this category should have their pregnancy diagnosis confirmed by other means. The percentage of animals falling into this category during trials was 1.86%, however this can vary from 0-10% for individual herds.


False positives may occur if an animal has recently aborted as it can take at least two weeks for pregnancy protein levels to drop. If the herd test falls within this period, the animal may still give a positive pregnant result.

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