LIC | Proof of Herd Worth

Proof of Herd Worth

Herd Testing information is especially valued by both sharemilkers and breeders as a means of providing objective proof of the worth of their herd or individual stock. 

From a 50:50 sharemilker's perspective, Herd Testing information is valued as a means of proving their worth to win contracts. 

From a breeder's perspective, or in fact any one who owns a herd, Herd Testing information ensures optimal and immediate marketability of their stock for contract matings. 

Buyers are most confident about buying a herd that has a well-recorded herd testing history. This is a key reason for farmers (especially share milkers) not to drop back on their Herd Testing, because cows are their asset to be cashed up in the future. The more history and records farmers have behind their cows, the more valuable the animals are and the more confident someone will be in buying them.

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