What is MINDApro?

MINDAPro software is designed to help farmers make better decisions, especially when it comes to herd improvement. It uses animal-event information, together with herd testing and artificial breeding data to provide a range of management reporting & analytics. It allows you to record and view important information such as:

  • BW and PW
  • Production information
  • Health events
  • Reproductive events
  • Custom groups of animals
  • Live weight information
  • Tagging

It will check events that are sent to the national database for mistakes, duplicates or missing information. It will also alert you to any errors that were encountered to ensure accurate herd records. The new suite of MINDApro products are designed to provide an electronic alternative to sending in paper forms to update herd records.

MINDApro maintains a history of the events and results for each animal. As the history of your herd grows, there is more and more information on which to base your herd and cow management decisions. It allows you to analyse trends and anticipate future problems or requirements.

To download or upgrade your MINDApro software, visit our MINDA upgrade page. 

Need help? Visit our MINDA Help page. 

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