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MINDA Land & Feed

MINDA Land & Feed is a tool for MINDA subscribers, which helps to maximise productivity and profitability through effective pasture and farm management.

It can assist you to make more informed decisions on:

  • which paddocks to graze next
  • harvesting silage
  • re-grassing and cropping 
  • applying nitrogen 
  • purchasing and/or feeding supplements 
  • culling cows or increasing numbers.

Once you have registered for MINDA Land & Feed, it's easy to get started.

  1. Setup your farm/s and provide access to your farm workers or consultants
  2. Record any events that happen on farm such as pasture covers, fertiliser, grazing and irrigation
  3. Check how your farm is going to help you make more informed decisions about your pasture

How to register for MINDA Land & Feed

Head to You will need your customer number and PIN from your LIC invoice statement to register.


How to set up MINDA Land & Feed

How to use Pasture Covers functionality

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