MINDA LIVE brings the herd management system used by most New Zealand dairy farmers, online. It means that farmers, managers and their staff can use the system anywhere, any time, on any internet-enabled device – phone, tablet or computer. Multiple users can enter data at the same time and the instant updating gives synchronicity with every device on the farm.

MINDA LIVE incorporates new features such as a virtual ‘holding pen’ that will hold information users have entered until the farmer has the chance to review and approve it. Another feature is a customisable report template that lets farmers build reports by adding new animal attributes e.g. breeding worth, milking information, expected calving date etc

MINDA LIVE gives farmers better and improved decision-making about their herds and individual animals with better, faster and improved information.


Introducing MINDA LIVE, the smartest MINDA ever

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Body Condition Scoring (BSC)


LIC Chief Executive Wayne McNee talks to The Country's Jamie Mackay at Fieldays about the launch of MINDA LIVE.

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