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MINDA Health

Health planning and management is a key ingredient of managing cow and herd performance.

Health in MINDA LIVE provides an information solution from which cows, vets, and ultimately farmers, will benefit.

Health Treatments

MINDA Health includes a ‘Health Treatments’ tab for managing a series of doses, and for managing animals that have had just one dose but are still in a withholding period.

Treatment Register

The second tab in MINDA Health is the ‘Treatment Register’.  This tab provides a historical list of diagnosis and treatment information, which could be particularly useful if the shed inspector is due to call.

Health Treatments Tab:

Features include:

  1. View animals who have recently received a dose and are still in withholding
  2. ‘Give a dose’ from a pre-existing health plan (series of doses)
  3. Add or remove doses from a health plan
  4. Edit quarters affected, separation date and withholding periods
  5. Complete a health plan
  6. Sort ascending/descending using the data column headers (excludes ‘Doses Given’)

Treatment Register Tab:

Features include:

  1. Specify a particular date range to report on
  2. Source all health treatment information that has been entered onto the LIC database, whether that was via MINDApro, MINDA Mobile or Protrack
  3. Sort ascending/descending by any of the data columns
  4. Drill down to ‘details’ level to get more in-depth information around historical treatments. 



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