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The MINDA® herd records service enables farmers to establish, maintain and benefit from complete herd records, regardless of which (if any) LIC services they use. When used in conjunction with Herd Testing and Artificial Breeding, MINDA provides a variety of management reports which enable farmers to maximise the benefits of herd improvement.

Farmers who have a computer and use the MINDA service, can receive and send herd details electronically e.g. using MINDA Software. For the latest news on MINDA, see our Tech Update.

The MINDA suite of products includes:




MINDA LIVE gives farmers better and improved decision-making about their herds and individual animals with better, faster and improved information.

Available for both Apple and Android operating systems, MINDA app will turn your smartphone into an efficient and easy-to-use farming tool. MINDA Milk is a web based tool that uses your herd test data to give you easier, better and more timely information to help you make better, more informed decisions. In MINDA Milk, all the analysis of your herd test data is done for you.

MINDA® Land & Feed

MINDA® Weights


A free and simple tool for recording pasture levels and creating a feed wedge. Liveweight analysis tools for rearing young stock to their full potential. Want to know how to do something in MINDA? Check here for instructions.


MINDApro provides powerful reporting features, as well as incorporating all of the functions of MINDAlink for easy herd recording. Have your herd information how you want it, when you want it, without complexity.    






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