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Calf Club History

Dairy cows came to New Zealand on sailing ships with early settlers during the 1800s. By the early 1900s, the industry was prospering and growing with farmers joining together to form herd testing co-operatives (which would, in time, become today's LIC) and dairy factories to process the milk their herd produced.

As the adult side of the industry grew, so too did the junior., and the earliest recording of a Calf Club event was in 1911, when the Boys and Agricultural Group began in Otago.

The natural partnership of children and young animals was encouraged as farmers recognised the benefits to be gained by children having the responsibility of training and caring for a young animal.

In regions around the country, the enthusiasm of farming parents combined with local schools gave life to Calf Club. And so it has been for nearly 100 years.

Today, many dairy farmers and their children look back with affection at the time they spent selecting, feeding and training calves for Calf Club and the events continue to be held each year in a large number of rural schools and communities across New Zealand.

This website provides a guide for children on how to select, rear and train a calf for Calf Club, and has been designed to act as a helpful support tool for parents and teachers whose children wish to participate in Calf Club

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