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James Thomas

James ThomasBachelor of Agriculture (Massey University).
Agricultural Tutor (Levels 2, 3, 4, 5) in rural Waikato for six years.
Dairy farming for more than 20 years.
Waikato dairy farm consultant for more than six years.

I‘m passionate about dairy farming because of the diversity it offers and the opportunities it provides.
As a dairy farmer for 20 years and an agricultural tutor for six years I can draw on my own experience and knowledge, and can back this up by tapping in to a nationwide network of experts in my fellow FarmWise consultants and LIC.

There is no right or wrong farming system, and certainly no ‘one-size fits all’. I will work with you to maximise your natural productive and growth potential.

Together we will set goals and strategies to improve your production and bottom line profit - and provide you and your family with the lifestyle opportunities you’re aiming for.

Whatever your farming system, I can help you identify potential areas for growth and development and advise you on all aspects of your operations. I look forward to helping your business grow and develop.

Ph: 07 8873 862
Fax: 07 8873 842
Mob: 027 242 2208

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