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Inbreeding & CVM

Inbreeding slows profitability improvements in herds.


The closer the relationship between sire and dam, the greater the loss in profitability in female offspring. A father/daughter mating will result in an inbreeding level of 25%. For such a mating, the lifetime loss (per two-year-old heifer entering the herd) is around $1,060. A half-sibling mating, which results in 12.5% inbreeding, means a $530 loss in production over the lifetime of the animal (half of the loss of a father/daughter mating).


A major advantage of using an LIC AB Tech for your inseminations is that they have the DataMATEÔ handheld to avoid inbreeding and possible CVM matings.


For DIY farmers, we have a report called the Sire Progeny and Gene List, which is free of charge, and available through your Farm Solutions Manager or by calling MINDA.



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