LIC | Importing a Liveweight file

Importing a Liveweight file

Use this wizard to import a liveweight file you have from a weigh scale to upload liveweights onto animals.

You will need

  • MINDA LIVE login details
  • Liveweight CSV file



Step Action
1 Open the Import Liveweight wizard
2 Type in a weighing name or you can select a name from the list previous weighings you may have used
Weighing Name
3 Use the Browse option to search for the liveweight file.
4 Use the drop downs to select what information is in each column
Note: If the file contains headers you will need to put a tick in the file header box
5 Click Next.
6 Confirm what is being imported.
7 Click Finish.


Where to Next

The events will appear in your holding pen for approval. If you have Auto Approve turned on they will automatically update.

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