LIC | Importing EIDs

Importing an EID Tag File into MINDA Software

1.  Select ‘EID Management Task’ under Animal tasks then ‘Import EIDs’: This will start the Import EID Wizard, click ‘next’ on the welcome screen.















2.  The next screen asks where the EID file is located. Click ‘Browse’  and select the file from the folder you saved it to.
















3.  In the folder you saved the file, you will find a text file, select file and open. This will return you to the previous screen where you will select ‘Next’.













4.  Now click on ‘Start Import’ button and this will begin the import process, it may take a few minutes.

















5.  Once the import is complete the summary screen will appear stating how many EIDs have been imported. Click ‘Finish’.















6. After completing the wizard, the ‘Assign EID’ events will show in the list of Unsent Events on MINDA software, these events are now ready to synchronise to LIC. 


Downloading an EID File

EID tag files are available for Allflex and Zee Tags on their websites

Allflex -
Zee Tags -

1.    Select the 'Download EID Tag file' link on the supplier's home page
2.    Enter the LIC order number (located on the LIC confirmation and dispatch emails)
3.    Select the order line you wish to download
4.    Save file to your computer

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