LIC | Highlighting MINDA Reports

Highlighting MINDA Reports

Use when you want to highlight a column in a MINDA report. This is available to customers who have opted in to MINDA Labs.

You will need

  • MINDA LIVE login details


Step Action
1 Login to MINDA at
2 Select Reports Tab.
3 Select the report you wish to run.
4 Click Highlighting
Group Profile

To highlight a row, click on the colour and then select the rows to be highlighted.


Result: The number of rows with that colour highlight will appear next to it in the highlighting drop down.


To name the nighlights, select Name highlights, type in your names and then select Save names
Name Highlights

Result: All highlights will display in the footer of the report and will appear when printing or sharing the report.
Report Highlights

7 Save the report in My Reports to save the highlighting.



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