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Herd Testing

Herd Testing involves the collection of individual milk samples from each milking animal and provides you with a window to production and milk quality within your herd.
Each sample is recorded and tested for:
  • Volume
  • Milkfat
  • Protein
  • Somatic Cell Count (SCC) 

Milk is collected and analysed at nominated times during the season. The resulting data is translated into a comprehensive range of animal performance reports, which enable you to make herd management decisions.

Herd testing is the only way to accurately identify cow performance on your farm. It will help you identify which cows are maximising profit and which cows are not pulling their weight. 

Herd Testing information helps you identify:

  • low producing animals (for culling or drying off)
  • high producers (for targeted breeding)
  • mastitis animals (for targeting dry cow treatments or culling)

Note: As a Certified Herd Testing provider, LIC must make reasonable efforts to ensure that the New Zealand Standard of Dairy Herd Testing is adhered to. Please read the information on Herd Recording Requirements to ensure that you receive your full component testing results.

Book a herd test by contacting your local FSM or calling one of our our Customer Experience Centre on 0800 264 632.


Herd Testing Fees

See our Services, Products & Solutions catalogue for all pricing including Investatest discount, Herd Test Assists, EZ Link, EZ Link EID & cancellation fees.


Herd Testing & MINDA Milk

When your herd test is completed, you’re one step closer to free access to your MINDA Milk information.

MINDA Milk sets a new standard for farm information products – providing you with your herd test data in an easier, better, and more timely way to help you make better, more informed decisions.

With pre-built graphs and trend information, MINDA Milk has done all the number crunching and data analysis for you.



Though herd testing is a valuable tool to measure and monitor a herd’s performance, it often rquires additional work and extra time in the shed.

EZ Link EID uses existing barcode, EID and scanning technology to make herd testing quicker, easier and more accurate.


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