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Genemark Reports

Genemark G3 DNA profiles, ancestry information and confirmed parentage by Genemark can be accessed through MINDApro & MINDA LIVE. 

Animal Ancestry Information

To view ancestry information for a GeneMark G3 animal:

  1. Double click on the animal
  2. Select the Ancestry tab

You will now be able to view the animal’s ancestry information and whether its parentage has been confirmed by a G3 DNA parentage test.

DNA Profile Summary Report

A DNA profile summary report is a breakdown of the Whole Herd or group chosen. This report does not show individual animals.

MINDA Group Profile Report

A Group profile report can be run on any groups you choose. Within this report there is a column that wiull hadvise if the animals have a GeneMark G3 profile and will also show ticks beside animals that have DNA confirmed parentage. 

Note: The ticks for DNA confirmed parentage do not mean that they are confirmed through GeneMark. The animals must have the G3 profile to have been parent verified through the GeneMark lab. 


DNA Profiled Animals Report

A report which will show all animals with a DNA profile in the herd or group you choose to run it on. To be able to match these animals through GeneMark they must have a G3 profile.


Not DNA Profiled Animals Report

This report shows un-profiled animals in the herd or group you choose to run it on.

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