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GeneMark DNA Sampling Equipment

The GeneMark Allflex applicator gun and the GeneMark Allflex Tissue punches make DNA sampling quick, easy and hassle free. 

GeneMark provides a DNA sampling solution for your livestock testing requirements (Bovine, Goats).

Note: The GeneMark applicator can only be used in conjunction with GeneMark Tissue punches. It cannot be used as an ear tagger.


Take samples at your convenience  
Use the GeneMark applicator at your convenience to sample one or many animals whenever it suits you.

Eliminate the chance of cross-contamination 
The Allflex Tissue Punch seals the animal’s tissue inside a plastic pouch to eliminate the chance of other animal samples, dirt or faecal matter contaminating the sample.


The GeneMark tissue punches only come in boxes of ten.

You can order your Allflex Tissue Sampler and punches by calling 0800 GENEMARK (0800 436 362), by downloading a copy of the GeneMark Punch Order Form or by contacting your local LIC Representative for a demonstration.

 New Allflex GeneMark Applicator and Punch guide

 Order your own GeneMark punch 

 GeneMark Punch Maintenance Guide   

  Old Allflex GeneMark Applicator & Punch Guide  


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