LIC | Filtering Event History

Filtering Event History

Use this to filter events you have approved or deleted in the holding pen. 

You will need

  • MINDA LIVE login details


Step Action
1 Open the History tab in the Events tab
Result: Three filter options will display.
2 To change the date, click on The last week under Date Range.
Date Range
3 Select the date range for the event you wish to view.
Result: All approved events for the selected date range will display.

To filter by certain event types click on 21 event types 
21 Event Types

Result: All events will display.

5 Click on the events you don't want, to filter down to the events you wish to see.
6 To see deleted events as well as approved events, click on Approved only 
Approved Events
7 Click on Show deleted
Deleted events will display with a red heading





Where to Next

You can select to print these events if you wish to have a list of them. Click on the Print button and this will download a PDF for you to save or print.


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