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EZ Link

EZ Link is a barcode scanner that is designed to make herd testing easier -  taking away the need to hand-write a cow’s tag number on the side of a herd testing flask. 

You can use the EZ Link handheld device by itself, or as an optional extra, pair it with a bluetooth wand called the EZ Link electronic identification device (EID).

How EZ Link Works

Herd Testing with EZ Link means you’ll never need a pen during herd testing again. Each flask is identified by a barcode. Instead of writing the number on the side of the flask you:

  1. Enter the cow number into the handheld device.
  2. Scan that cow’s flask.

It’s that simple.

For your convenience, we provide all flasks with barcodes pre-attached. The flask can then be placed anywhere in a standard tray, there is no need to use a numbered tray card. EZ Link will also identify duplicates during milking so they can be resolved quickly. 

EZ Link 3 – Next Generation

EZ Link 3 - Next Generation

EZ Link - EID Wand

EZ Link now has an upgrade to version 3.   EZ Link 3 is a handheld scanning unit run on an Android Operating system.  EZ Link 3 will be released in regional stages over the 2017/18 season. The North Island will receive it early/mid-season, followed by South Island mid/late season.

Additional features of EZ Link 3 include:

  • An inbuilt feedback and test card
  • The ability to add abnormal codes throughout the test
  • The ability to flag animals that need to be looked at e.g. missing tag number
  • An enhanced user interface.

EZ Link EID Wand

EZ Link EID is an additional, optional extra to EZ Link. An EID wand is connected via bluetooth. This allows the user to scan the animals EID tags, which are then automatically transmitted to the EZ Link device - removing the need for you and your staff to enter cow numbers on the EZ Link handheld scanner while in the shed.


EZ Link Pricing


EZ Link

EZ Link EID wand

EZ Link handheld scanner
(per test)(per handheld scanner)



Note: Prices are for one herd through the shed. Two or more dairies will require multiple EZ Link handhelds.

EZ Link Support

We are here to help.

If you are first time user of EZ Link we will send out a customer trainer to visit you. This is a completely free service and the trainer will stay until you are completely comfortable with the device and features.

Even if you are an experienced EZ Link user you can access our 0800 Support Line – 0800 439 5465 (0800 4 EZ Link). This support Line is open 24/7 and can help answer any questions or queries you might have throughout a herd test. Please select the region closest to you, as this will ensure you get put through to the right Herd Test depot staff.  

Take a look at our quick start guide and user guide to familiarise yourself with the device and the process.

Quick Start Guide
EZ Link User Guide


If you have any feedback about EZ Link 3 we’d love to hear it. We’ll email you a survey following each herd test or you can submit feedback directly through your EZ Link 3.


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