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Darren Sutton

Darren Sutton

Bachelor Agricultural Commerce (Lincoln University).

I have extensive experience in the New Zealand dairy industry, growing up on a Nelson dairy farm and going on to complete an Agricultural Commerce Degree at Lincoln University, majoring in Farm Management.

I have lived in the Waipa district for the past 17 years – two years of that time as a consultant with a large-scale corporate farm and six years as an extension agronomist for NZ Agriseeds.   For the past 9 years I have enjoyed being part of the team of FarmWise consultants.

I am passionate about the NZ dairy industry and strongly believe that maximising pasture production and utilisation is the foundation of profitable dairying in NZ.  

I have the skills, knowledge and experience to analyse and improve your dairying system. 

I can provide you with advice on all aspects of farming including:

  • Maximising your farm's pasture production and utilisation 
  • Feed budgeting & rotation planners
  • Farm systems analysis for best use of supplements 
  • Financial budgets, analysis and monitoring 
  • Identifying what goals are important to you and your family and setting targets to achieve these
  • Tailoring fertilizer and cropping programs
  • Nutrient budgeting and modelling
  • Staff employment agreements & sharemilker contracts

If you need help with your farming business, please call to arrange a free no obligation visit.

Ph: 07 871 8444
Mob: 027 278 5214

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