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DNA Uncovered

What is DNA?

DNA (Deoxy-Ribonucleic Acid) is the genetic code for life. It acts as a blueprint or set of instructions to direct major function in living organisms.

DNA is a very complex structure, it is basically in the form of very long strands like string. The strands are wound around and around into structures called chromosomes.

DNA is passed from parent to progeny

Each animal carries two copies of every chromosome and hence two copies of each gene. The gene is used as a template to make protein that in turn drives the functions of the cell. 

Genes are selected parts of the DNA that code for a specific trait. One of the gene copies may contain a mutation, creating two variants (alleles). The combination of alleles determines how the trait will be expressed.

How does GeneMark test DNA?

The GeneMark laboratory uses the latest available technologies to extract DNA from the sample and provide reliable and accurate results to establish the parentage of your cows and locate the presence or absence of particular genes.


DNA testing establishes parentage

GeneMark will compare the different markers for each animal to its possible parent matches to see which alleles (A, B, C, D, E) they have in common to confirm or verify parentage.


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