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Not sure which is the right bull for the job? If you have specific preferences for certain traits, Customate has the bull power to sort through the huge number of sires available and identify those that will meet your needs.

Customate is an unbiased sire selection tool, run from your Farm Solutions Manager’s laptop, free of charge.

It’s simple – you identify the traits important to your breeding programme, and put a priority (out of 10) on each trait. This formulates your own Trait Index. All sires, from all AB companies, are ranked on your Index. The bulls ranking higher on your Index, are the strongest for that combination of traits, therefore will give you the best gains across your herd in the traits important to you.

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Customate Plus

Once you have built your own Trait Index in Customate, you may wish to go one step further with our bull-to-cow mating program, Customate Plus.

With Customate Plus, we can download your herd information, with individual cow breeding values for every trait.

Then we help you identify your group of cows for selective mating, and rank all sires on your index to choose the best bulls for the job.

You can select maximum or minimum breeding value constraints for resulting calves on up to 5 traits. (for example, udder overall BV must be greater than 0.2)

We select the bulls you wish to use, and then select the cows you wish to mate, and the program uses your Trait Index to match each cow to the bull that will make the best gains in those traits important to you.

Into crossbreeding? Customate Plus now has a new function for maximising hybrid vigour for your crossbreed matings. Plus, you can even control the breed mix of resulting progeny! 

Phone your Farm Solutions Manager today or contact Alpha on 0800 651 156 for more information. 

Automatic inbreeding and CVM protection
A full comprehensive report is provided, along with an A3 laminated Shed Sheet for easy reference during mating

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