LIC | Creating a Group - Pick Your Own

Creating a Group - Pick Your Own

Use to great a group of animals from a list you have defined.

You will need

  • MINDA LIVE login details


Step Action
1 Click on Add a group.
Create Group
2 Select type of group - Pick Your Own.
3 Enter the name of the group.
4 Click Next.
5 Select which group you wish to base the group on. Most people will leave this at whole herd. 
6 Click Next.
7 Select the attributes (columns) you wish to see.
8 Click Finish.
9 Place a tick in the box next to the animal you want to see in the group. Alternatively, type in the box on the right hand side and press enter.
10 If required, add more columns by using the Add Attribute drop down. 
11 When complete, click Save Group
Save Group
12 Once the group has been saved it will show in your list of groups with new beside it.


Where to Next

The procedure is complete. You can now use your new Group.

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