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Craig Purcell

Craig PurcellBachelor of Agriculture (Massey University). 

Practical farming experience includes 13 years managing a variety of different farming operations: Split calving winter milk, low cost all grass farming (focusing on profit rather than production), and high supplementary input high production farms. 

FarmWise Consultant for two years. 

As a farmer I have always strived to do the best possible job on the farm – nothing has changed, as a FarmWise Consultant I want the best for my clients’ farms and businesses. 

I have a practical knowledge of what can work and what won’t. 
As your FarmWise Consultant my role is to help you get systems in place that will increase your farm’s profitability, ensure the wellbeing of your stock and achieve your personal and business objectives and goals. 

Farming is my passion, I love the challenge, the problem solving, working with different farming systems, different people and more importantly extending my clients’ businesses and seeing them get the results they want. 

Different people have different ‘drivers’ and in my experience no one person has the same priorities for their farming operation, helping each individual farmer and their family fulfill their priorities, be it: lifestyle, profitability, succession, growth, sustainability, productivity or enjoyment. 

I can provide you with professional, practical and structured advise on all aspects of farming, including: Formulating and developing annual plans and policies, maximizing herd production, optimizing feeding and pasture production and evaluation and monitoring of financial budgets - and tailor my approach to meet your individual enterprise. 

Times are getting tougher demanding wise decisions. It's more important now, than ever before, that there's a return on every dollar invested in the farm. Give me a ring to find out how. 

Ph: 07 312 3857
Mob: 027 233 1584

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