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GeneMark Whole Herd Parent Verification

Whole Herd matches your calves to sire and dam using G3 DNA testing. All you have to do is provide a tissue sample for DNA processing a G3 profile and GeneMark will do the rest – it really is that simple.

With approximately one in every four calves born, having the potential to be mis-mothered, mis-tagged or mis-recorded means your herd could suffer the consequences of inbreeding and other mating disasters. For commercial farms, especially larger herds, this risk is likely to be even higher.

Whole Herd can ensure that you are maximising your herds genetic gain with better, more accurate ancestry records while remaining stress-free during this busy time of the year.

Take away the guesswork and be sure that your calves are matched to the correct dam or sire.

Benefits of Whole Herd

Hassle free calf recording
Make calf recording effortless, as you no longer need to match calf to dam in the field. Whole Herd will verify the calves’ parentage for you, while you spend your time on other important tasks.

Give you accurate, quality records
When you use Whole Herd for your herd, you eliminate uncertain parentage and achieve accurate information enabling better-informed herd management decisions.
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Helps you avoid the costs of inbreeding
The problems associated with inbreeding can cost you up to $1000 per animal in lost production per two-year-old entering the herd. Eliminate inbreeding by using Whole Herd and avoid contributing to the 25% national error rate of matching calves to incorrect parents.

Reduce your labour demands
Reduce the need for additional labour during calving and lower the demands on you and your staff during calving so everyone can focus on animal health, the herd and the farm.

Make better-informed farming decisions
Mis-mothering and mis-identification makes accurate recording procedures difficult to achieve. Using Whole Herd is an excellent way of monitoring these farm management practices and ensuring they are done right the first time.

Maximise the value of your herd
Improve the financial worth of your herd by realising more for animals with identified sires and true breeding worth confirmed.

How Whole Herd Sampling works

  • A DNA sample is taken from all animals within the herd as well as previous season's progeny, natural mating bulls and current season's calves. 
  • All animals receive a unique lifetime DNA profile and the current season's calves are matched to their correct dam and sire through DNA analysis
  • In subsequent years, only the current season's calves  & natural mating sires being used in the relevent mating season & any unprofiled animals brought in will require a DNA sample to be sent to the laboratory.  
  • The DNA parent verification results are automatically uploaded to MINDA and a summary of the results is emailed to you.

Prerequisite to increase chances of successful matching for Whole Herd Parentage verification:

  • Mating records on MINDA.
  • All records up to date on MINDA e.g. Culls, sold animals removed and all Dams created on MINDA.
  • Calving dates required on dams
  • Calving dates and Calves dates of Birth for Transitional Herds 
  • 100% of all Dams profiled on the G3 DNA platform 
  • All Embryo Transfer animals must be recorded on MINDA and included on paper work sent in to GeneMark. If not recorded on MINDA please supply Embryo Transfer certificates or provide all relevant information.
  • Knowledge of any Natural Mating Sires, whether profiled and profile platform (G2, G3).

Download Parentage Verification - Whole Herd Submission Form

The Whole Herd product was designed to work within ONE location. Animals that have been brought in cannot be parent searched with the Whole Herd Product. Please speak to your Farm Solutions Manager for more information.


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