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Brent Boyce

Brent Boyce

I have been a practising fulltime Dairy Farm Consultant in the Nelson/Marlborough and Buller regions for 17 years.  I fully understand the climate, soils, and the environment in our regions.  Some of the things I can help with are:

  • Maximising pasture use, with comprehensive feed budgeting and grazing programmes.
  • System analysis using the FarmWise Optimiser Programme (it shows where you can make more profit with a wee tweak here or there – or a whole system change).
  • Day to day farm management advice and farm supervision – I love talking about cows and grass.
  • Farm viability proposals (property purchases or Bank proposals).
  • Financial budgeting, targets and monitoring.
  • Extensive knowledge of soils and fertiliser.
  • Personal motivation and encouragement.
  • Overseas consultancy in South America.

I like to challenge current thinking, and am always thinking of new ways of doing things to make the boat go faster.  I enjoy meeting people, and working through all farming problems with dignity, empathy and respect – and having a lot of fun and positive enjoyment on the journey with you.

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