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BVD Bulk Milk Monitoring Pack

Order the BVD Bulk Milk Monitoring pack from LIC and you can rest easy, knowing that your herd’s BVD status is being monitored throughout the year.

The monitoring pack provides a total of 5 tests*, carried out throughout the year using bulk milk samples from your supply.

If a problem is detected you will have the time you need to protect your herd, your production, your income and your future.

What are the costs of BVD?

BVD can cause heavy losses of herd replacements and high levels of animal treatments.

A major disease outbreak can wipe out half an annual crop of herd replacements. 

It also causes the following reproduction problems:

  • Lower conception rates
  • Early loss of pregnancies
  • Abortions, premature births and still births
  • Weak calves with low survival rates

BVD suppresses immunity, causing time-consuming animal health problems to manage, such as pneumonia and recurrent mastitis.


Choose when you would like to start and we will arrange to collect samples from your dairy company and carry out the tests. You will receive a graphic report of the result trend, providing a better understanding of the BVD status of your herd.

Call 0800 436 362 or contact your LIC Farm Solutions Manager to find out more about the BVD Monitoring Pack. This pack will also be available through participating veterinarians. Order forms are also available online.


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* The pack includes 3 Antibody ELISA and 2 PCR tests † Sourced from research by A. Weir, C. Heuer, M. Reichel and H. Voges

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