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Artificial Breeding

Artificial Breeding with LIC

Livestock Improvement (LIC) is the largest artificial breeding company in New Zealand. We have been providing artificial breeding (Artificial Insemination - AI) services to farmers since 1953, when we formed part of the New Zealand Dairy Board. Today, approximately three-quarters of the dairy cows bred by artificial insemination and milked on farms around the country are sired by one of our bulls. 

The introduction of the Sire Proving Scheme (SPS) in 1961 and the development of our exclusive Long Last Liquid (LLL) diluent by world-renowned scientist Dr Patrick Shannon, are key successes which have enabled widespread use of top sires across the country. Long Last Liquid (LLL) diluent allows semen to remain alive and fertile for several days in the field. LIC is one of the few AB companies in the world to use the technology. 

Animal Evaluation

LIC’s herd improvement services, including AB, are designed to support the industry’s work in Animal Evaluation and National Breeding Objective (NBO).

"Identify Animals whose progeny will be the most efficient converters of feed into farmer profit."

Artificial Breeding Solutions

Premier Sires


SGL - Short Gestation Length

Delivering steady rates of genetic gain to NZ farmers using the best bulls. Premier Sires is delivered fresh to your LIC AB technician (or farm if you are DIY), every three days. Available in Holstein-Friesian, Jersey and KiwiCross. A frozen semen product that gives you control over the bulls you choose to meet your breeding objectives. We offer a wide range of dairy bulls and beef breeds.  Tighten calving spread, increase days in milk and give your cows longer to recover with SGL semen - a team of bulls selectively bred to shorten gestation length by an average of 10 days. 

Nationwide AB Tech Service

Protrack EZ Heat®

6 Week Challenge

The most highly skilled and respected AB Technician team in the world. In-shed automated heat detection technology system. The free programme designed to help increase in-calf rates in the first six weeks of mating.

Heat Detection

Sire Proving Scheme

Heat Detection products available through LIC - Bulls-i, LIC Heat Patch and KAMAR® Heateatmount Detectors The LIC Sire Proving Scheme (SPS) has played an integral part in evaluating potential sires since 1961. Feedback is provided on each bull’s progeny from birth through to the time the female offspring enter the herd as two-year olds.   
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