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25 Sep 2017 Reproduction results by region – does location impact results?
We know that different regions around the country face different challenges, but does that mean that where you farm dictates whether you can achieve good herd reproductive performance?

06 Sep 2017 All AB herds - how do they stack up?
The last two seasons have seen an increase in the number of LIC herds saying goodbye to natural mating bulls and doing AB for the whole mating period. In the 2016 season, nearly 600 of our customers’ herds used all AB, almost double the number from 2014.

15 Aug 2017 What do the 2016 Reproductive Performance numbers say?
We’ve had a look into last season’s spring mating results*, and the last 3 years trends, to see how things panned out after a challenging 2016 season. The results show that reproductive performance in 2016 has dropped slightly, but it’s not all bad news.

11 Aug 2017 Why do I have fewer AB heifer calves than I expect?
On average 50% of calves born are heifers, however, each year some dairy farms end up with far fewer heifers born from AB matings than expected. Why is this?


23 Feb 2017 Harness the power of genetic gain
In this article, Malcolm Ellis, commercial dairy farmer and LIC GM NZ Markets, makes some interesting observations based on his past 26 years in dairying –but he points out the coming 26 years may demand quite a different approach among farmers striving for continued success.

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