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Alpha Sire Catalogue


This year’s catalogue is packed with high genetic merit bulls that offer you the ability to put together some amazing paks, giving you the precision to maximise your breeding objective.

Make sure you talk to your Farm Solutions Manager, your LIC expert, on how you can fine-tune your mating decisions to get the best outcome possible.


Alpha Catalogue

View the 2017 Alpha Sire Catalogue 


These statistics are calculated by New Zealand Animal Evaluation Ltd.

Production and TOP information includes all current cows in the national herd (ie. Animals signed up for herd testing with 80 or more numbered cows current in the herd aged over 490 days), whereas the calving difficulty BV, which is a sire trait, is based on all enrolled bulls , with a BW reliability of at least 60%, at least 20 herd tested daughters and at least one two-year old daughter milking in the last 5 years.

Want to know how your herd compares? Ask your Farm Solutions Manager for a breakdown of your Herd BV Averages.

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