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Every employee is required by law to be supplied with a written employment agreement.

All FarmWise® agreements (including Sharemilking, Grazing and Lease) are current and comply with NZ legislation, however, FarmWise® recommend that all parties entering into any agreement seek independent and/or legal advice prior to accepting. All prices exclude GST.


FarmWise® client 

Non-client (per set)

Employment (Permanent and Casual)

$100 $200

Sharemilking; 50/50



Lower Order Sharemilking 

$100 $200

Land Lease Agreement

$100 $200

Herd Lease Agreement 

$100 $200

Contract Milker Agreement

$100 $200


All documents are supplied by either charging the client's LIC account (participant code required). If the participant code is unavailable, clients are charged by LIC under a sundry debtor code.

If agreements are ordered by FarmWise® consultants, they may choose to charge their clients. In this case, the FarmWise® consultant is charged through LIC accounts department under their individual charge code. 

To order any of the FarmWise® Agreements, please contact FarmWise administration or your local FarmWise consultant


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