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About LIC

This is who we are.

If there’s one certainty with New Zealand farming, it’s that it never stands still.

It’s always looking to see how it can do better. It’s always looking ahead, it’s always improving, continually progressing.

What if we did this instead of that? 

Can we do it better? 

What do you think?

It’s an ingrained part of every farmer, this need to question, to tinker, to try things out, to not be wed to tradition or habit.

And it’s no less part of us.

We started more than 100 years ago, improving the quality of the national dairy herd.

But we’ve taken it further. Just as farmers are able to do things - that they might never have imagined 10, 20 years ago - so are we. 

We’re using information. We’re using technology. We’re making things that make a difference and improve farmers’ processes, performance, and profitability - because that’s what we’re about.    

It’s in our nature.
It’s in our name.

Our co-operative empowers livestock farmers through the delivery of superior genetics and technology 

LIC is a co-operative with 10,500+ dairy farmer shareholder owners - to put this in context, there are over 11,500 dairy farms in New Zealand. The origins of LIC date back to 1909 when the first organised routine herd testing service commenced.

LIC has more than 700 employees, in New Zealand and around the world, swelling to more than 1,500 during the peak spring mating season.  It is separated into two businesses - a herd improvement company (LIC) and an agritechnology subsidiary (LIC Agritechnology Company).

LIC has a dual share structure with co-operative shares and investment shares.

LIC is one of the New Zealand agricultural sector’s largest private investors in R&D and new product development.

Over 10,000 bull calves have been tagged by LIC as part of its Sire Proving Scheme (SPS) which commenced in 1961. SPS farmers help ‘prove’ the worth of the bull genetics, and therefore make performance improvement of the national dairy herd possible.

Internationally, LIC is focussing on growth in key markets to add value to our shareholders.

Co-operative shares are allocated to farmers who derive income from dairy cows, supply a New Zealand milk processor and purchase a prescribed volume of products and services from LIC. Investment shares are also available to farmers who own co-operative shares.

This is what we do.

Our job is a simple one.

It always has been and always will be.

Whatever the challenges of the times or the marketplace, our job remains constant.

That job is to improve the prosperity and productivity of our farmers through continual improvement of the things that we know and do well.

That is, improving the genetics of the national dairy herd, improving the information that farmers have and the way they use it, and improving productivity through smart and innovative technology.

That’s what we do.




And this is how we do it.

Genetics and information to create superior livestock.
Information to improve decision making to enable superior livestock performance.
Hardware and systems to improve productivity and decision making.
LIC International adding value for our shareholders, focussing on key markets.






This is what we’ve achieved.

Three out of four inseminated cows grazing on New Zealand dairy farms are sired by an LIC bull.
Over 10 million milk samples analysed by LIC’s herd testing service each year (collected from 7,000+ herds).
5 million straws of fresh semen despatched for insemination to cows all over the country during spring mating period (135,000 straws on peak day).
Around 800,000 animal samples (DNA or milk) analysed each year for disease identification, gene testing and parentage verification.
The majority of New Zealand dairy farmers use MINDA®, LIC’s proprietary animal  identification and information management system.




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