LIC | AB Mating Process

AB Mating Process

Proven Bulls Collection Led by handler
1. Bulls ready for AB season - fed well, up to condition, and healthy 2. Collection from LIC farm 3. Led by handler to encourage the bull to work up
Artificial Vagina Collection of Semen Sample Recorded
4. Artificial vagina warmed to temperature, about 45 deg C 5. Collection of semen takes place 6. Sample recorded and labelled before being passed to laboratory
Semen cells investigated Processing Frozen processing
7. Semen cells are investigated for quality control purposes 7.1. Fresh liquid processing for immediate dispatch to field... 7.2 ... or semen is processed as frozen for later dispatch on-demand
Delivery vans Final Checks AB Technician
8. During season peak thousands of straws go out each day to locations throughout the country, transported by road in specifically designed utes and by air. 9. Final checks for the morning's AB run are made 10. The AB Technician arrives on farm
Insemination Pregnant Cows Calving Time
11. Insemination takes place 12. Pregnant, healthy high-BW cows with replacement stock in-waiting 13. Calving time
Replacement Stock
14. Quality replacement stock following calving - a new generation representing the herd's future.


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